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Safeco is a famous American Insurance company that was founded in Seattle, Washington, in the year 1923.The Company was formed in the year 1923, by Hawthorne K Dent, who was a property and casualty insurer. It was thirty years later, that the company founded Selective Auto and Fire Insurance Company of America, or SAFECO. The first headquarters of the company was located in Seattle, which later moved to an 8th storey Brooklyn building. It was in the year 1957 that the company first started selling insurance, and after selling insurance for eleven years in that name, the company changed its name from SAFECO to Safeco. It was during this time only that mutual funds and commercial credits were also offered to the public.

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There have been man developments in the company since its incorportation. It was in the year 1997, American States Financial Corporation was purchases, followed by Washington Mutual’s WM Life Insurance Company. Just two years later R.F. Bailey (Underwriting Agencies) Limited of London was purchased by the company. The company witnessed a major economic downturn, and there was a restructure of the company. In the next two years nearly 40% of the workforce of the company was laid down, and the commercial credit operations were also sold in the year 2001.It was on March 15 2004. The company sold its most profitable division, the life insurance and investment business. On April 2006, there was an announcement of consolidation of operations of the company. In the following year on January 19, 2006, there was a report that Safeco would be selling its Redmond campus, to Microsoft Corporation. Other plans were also announced for a new 125 feet office, across the street who would be employing nearly 1300 employees.

Safeco History
The history of Safeco dates back to 1923, when Hawthorne K Dent made a radical approach to business. A group was organized to make a combination of the financial stability and responsibility of a stock company, with the preferred risk underwriting. He later violated the conventional wisdom by making the base of the company in Seattle, quite far from the recognized insurance centers of the metropolitan Northeast. It was during the year of 1957 that the company entered the business of life insurance, and in the following years, board of directors recorded a massive growth and development of the company. In the 1960 s there was a further diversification of business, and financial services and mutual fund was introduced. The company took a major step in the year 1997, when it acquired American States Financial Corporation. The presence of the company was felt more in the year 1998, when naming rights to Seattle Mariners ballpark will be purchased. Today the company is still making its growth and also increasing its popularity. At the present day, it is serving the insurance needs of the drivers, home owners and owners of small and mid sized business houses.

Safeco in the Workplace
Safeco is a company employing the best and the broadest talents of the industry. There are diverse range of programs that are carried on by different class of people, who are unique n terms of national origin, race religion, values, as well as gender and marital status. The diverse range of programs is carried on by different class of people, and most of the employees’ focus groups that are recommended for the success. The company is committed to include people of different origins in its employee structure. There are many distribution partners that represent the customers of the company. We design different kinds of products so that each cater to a specific kind of customer. The business goals of the company is such that it helps to broaden the customer base of our company, while making initiatives and marketing materials, that represent the diverse needs of our society. The diversity program of Safeco is designed in such a way, so that you are provided access and information on Safeco. There are specific policies and guidelines that are developed by the company that help to build excellent customer relationships, with diverse enterprises also that include women, children and people with disability.

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Terrible Service and Refuse to Accept Liability

May 01, 2014 by Anonymous

I was hit by someone insured by safe co insurance. He backed into me. In the state of Texas the driver in reverse is automatically at fault. They refused to assume full liability. They only covered 70% of the damage. And expect me to pay 30% because I didn\'t stop the accident. I can\'t force someone to not run into me. They only allowed me to get an estimate from the place they wanted and not my collision center of choice. It took this company a week to get my estimate I got one from a more reputable collision center that they wouldn\'t accept. The adjusters are impossible to get ahold of and are extremely disrespectful. So many things wrong with this company is astonishing.

Won\'t Pay Valid Claim

May 01, 2014 by Anonymous

I was hit by a Safeco driver over one month ago. The police report clearly says that the driver failed to ensure the lane was clear before pulling out into traffic. The driver t-boned the back of my car and Safeco is refusing to pay for the damages. I have never heard of an insurance company not paying a claim that was clearly stated as the person's fault on the police report. I am going to have to file a lawsuit just to get my car repaired.

61 Days and Counting Waiting For a Check

Apr 22, 2014 by Anonymous

They took my vehicle accepted liability and said they were going to send me a check. First they said that they sent it to me and that I refused the check. (That never happened.) They said they were going to resend the check we confirmed the correct address . I haven\'t gotten it on the mail, so I contacted them and now they are saying they sent it to a different address and the adjuster is not answering. Bottom line is been 61 days and counting and apparently they don\'t have the ability to be able to mail a check.

No Answers for Months!

Apr 07, 2014 by Anonymous

My husband was hit by one of your insured on January 3rd. My attorney has tried to contact the adjuster since January 5th. We have had no answer. I have been in contact with someone named Anthony, who is an employee of the company. He continues to give me random email addresses, and we continue to get no answer. Safeco is trying not to pay for the accident that was their insured's fault. They tried to scam us and ask us to use our insurance to pay for an accident that was not our fault, and then be reimbursed. No way. Watch out for these people. Also, wait them out. It's frustrating, but they won't get away with not paying a valid claim. My attorney is close to just filing a complaint against them in court.

Safeco Cannot Be Contacted

Apr 06, 2014 by Anonymous

Safeco sends me bills marked "Addtnl Premium" for 400 dollars and the agent will not explain exactly what the charge is for. This is three months after paying a full annual premium. I cannot find a telephone number for Safeco anywhere to get an explanation of the charges and my insurance agent has stalled for over thirty days to even explain what the charge is. Safeco, never again.

Not at Fault, Asked to Pay

Apr 04, 2014 by Anonymous

The worst insurance company. They wanted me to pay for 20 % of the repair which wasn't my fault. His client whose has this insurance hit my car from the back when I stopped at the red light. This person was intoxicated. The insurance company change the whole story, said I was stopping in the middle of the road. I even had police report saying their client have been charged with 4 charges. It has been 2 months. The worst was the adjuster said I could take my car to the body shop anytime, but after they finished the repair the company said they didn't said I could take the car to the body shop yet, they wanted me to pay for the 20 % but when I ready to pick up, they want me to pay first. What kind of company is this? A fraud company. the adjusters (Frank Cortez) and ( Amanda opperman) was rude and changing their story. I called them many times but they didn't return your call, when you finally reached them, they said I was the one didn't answer their phone. Worst worst worst

Full Windshield Coverage Doesn\'t Include OEM

Apr 04, 2014 by Anonymous

We got a crack on our new vehicle windshield 2 months back. we have full coverage to replace the windshield, but they wouldn\'t provide original (OEM) windshield, they only give money for third party company glass. we\'ve tried t reach somebody for 2 weeks, no one contact or give any solution.

Hello? Any Adjusters Out There?

Apr 04, 2014 by Anonymous

Their driver ran a red light and totaled my car and injured my husband on January 3, 2014. It is April 2014. I have an attorney, and they have stopped calling her. The adjuster wanted us to use our insurance to cover costs, and then be reimbursed. My attorney said no because, well, that\'s stupid! It wasn\'t our fault. I have been trying to contact them for weeks. No response.

Not My Fault, Asked to Take 25% of Blame

Apr 01, 2014 by Anonymous

Their driver ran a red light and hit me. We had a witness and the police wrote her a ticket. The police report stated it was 100% her fault and Safeco is saying I'm 25% liable. I don't have the money to pay 25% of the damages. The adjusters have been nothing but disrespectful and rude. It has taken weeks of arguing with them and it's now been a month and a half since the accident. I did absolutely nothing wrong, all I want is to get my car fixed. I have never dealt with such horrible people in my life! How can they do this to people?

Don\'t Recommend

Mar 14, 2014 by Anonymous

I had full coverage car insurance on 3 cars with Safeco insurance. I had 2 of my grown children covered on the policy. My grown daughter who had recently married and moved bought a new car and decided to get a new policy with her new husband. She did not like the quote that Safeco had given her. She decided to go with Geico that had given her alot better pricing. They immediately deleted her from the policy even tho they still charged for the full month of feb. even tho she was not covered and still had to make the down payment with geico at the same time. I just received a letter from Safeco saying that I was still going to be charged the same amount for the month of April to fullfill the policy. So, thi will be the second m,onth that I will have paid the same amount of coverage for 3 drivers even tho there is now only 2 drivers. Still not understanding.

Insurance USA , USA 7.9 127.0 143 143 I paid for a 6 month policy the 2nd or 3rd week of January, 2015. Then, on Feb. 20, I got a bill that wanted me to pay them $257 MORE! So I called them and the rep did not know wh