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No training

I did an online quote with Prudential, an "agent" called me to, "see what he could do for me." I am a Soldier in the Army, I reside in NJ for the time being, but my vehicle and DL's is from another state. The "agent" told me that I needed to register my car in NJ and switch my DL's, even though I explained my situation that, I don't plan on changing anything. He stated he doesn't know any company that would cover me, given the situation. I have been in and covered in NJ for 2 years with the same stipulations. I have never been told this. The "agent" was rude, and obviously had no training. I called "customer service", to make a complaint on the "agent", for the fact he left a nasty taste in my mouth, the "rep" said she would make a note of it and submit to higher. But she did not take a number, a name, or any kind of info for them to attempt to make this right. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was placed on hold. When she returned, she said the best I can do is send an email.

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