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HORRIBLE - Progressive Review

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Quite possibly the worst insurance company in this country. My car was destroyed by a hit and run driver who ended up making an insurance claim later. Took them 3 days after the claim was made to contact me, took them 4 days after the fact to tow my car. Gave me a rental car that was only good for 72 hours after the check was sent. I NEVER accepted the money they offered me (so the check never should have been sent) but they decided to send the check anyway and I had 72 hours after it was sent on Wednesday to find a car, get it checked out by my mechanic and buy the car. The next day was Thanksgiving, so in reality I had all day Friday and half the day of Saturday to get this done. Finally got a call back on Monday after leaving a message for Deshawn Scroggins telling them we need more time with the rental car and more money since it's nearly impossible to buy a car Thanksgiving week with a check we didn't have until Monday. Plus, the money they offered wasn't enough to buy a car similar to the one I had previously. They are making me pay the rest of the overdue days for the rental car because the request to extend the rental was denied. Didn't know that until today (Thursday) when he said he would get back to me by the end of the day (Monday) with the answer of the request. Horrible customer service. It's nearly impossible to get a hold of this guy or anyone in his office. Takes them days to get back to you. Also, explain to me how I need to pay money out of MY pocket when it was their irresponsible, CRIMINAL client who hit my car. Without that event happening I would have never had to pay any extra money that I don't have and the car that was destroyed would have lasted me years to come. Progressive refuses to help me out anymore even though I am not asking for a large amount of money. AWFUL company. Will never use them as my insurance company in the future. I will be writing to their CEO and getting a lawyer. Advice to anyone else, don't let their advertisements lie to you. And I hope none of you have the misfortune of having to deal with this company in the future.?

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