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Poor Judgment on Claims - Progressive Review

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Poor Judgment on Claims

I decided I was going to switch my insurance this month, got some cheaper quotes than I had with my current company. After I purchased my new insurance my rate changed due to a "No-fault auto accident" In 2011 when I was never in an accident ever in my life, after calling progressive to find out what the claim was about, I found out it was regarding the inquiry I made when I ran over a nail in the road wit no damage to no other vehicles, property, only my tire!!!! since my deductible was more than the cost of new tires.. decided to pay for them myself.. So now 3 years later im learning about this claim, and was never informed of it or that inquiring would result in me being penalized. I only inquired that did not resolve in a claim and still fighting it to be taken off. A nail in the road does not make me an unsafe driver!

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