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Horrible Repair Service at Recommended Service Center - Progressive Review

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Horrible Repair Service at Recommended Service Center

On 8/17/13 I was hit by a lady who had Progressive Insurance, both she & Progressive were quick to accept liability as the accident was obviously due to her negligence. The local claims adjustor was prompt, courteous & quickly arranged for my vehicle to be picked up for service, as well as a rental car. He stated they were directly with a local shop who could be immediate repairs & that all work was fully warrantied. I took several pictures & was very clear about all of the damage (I have several emails showing this). I was never asked where I wanted to take my vehicle, & assumed that Progressive would chose a trustworthy shop, since it was their name, & checkbook, on the line. My vehicle was in the shop 8 days before finally being brought back to their local service center & passing a “quality inspection”. I picked my car up on 9/3/13 at 5pm. I immediately had complaints, the car still pulled to the left & had a “bumpy” ride. This car was a BRAND NEW 2013 Chevy Sonic which looked & drove perfectly prior to the accident. Additionally, there were parts left in the backseat of my car, parts covered in oil & frankly smelly, as well as ZERO gas in my car. I understand gas will be used due to test drives that need to be performed, however my car literally sputtered on the .25 mile drive to the nearest gas station. Overall, I was totally unimpressed but still willing to work with Progressive. The next day my car was picked up & taken back to the shop. After work my friend drove me to the local enterprise where a rental “was all setup” & waiting for me, or so I was told. Unfortunately, yet again Progressive disappoints. I waited 45 minutes while the associate repeatedly called the Progressive employee in charge or my repair, & the local service center, for authorization to give me a rental. Finally, we called the shop & the manager there was able to assist us since Progressive was clearly unable to even answer their phone. The next day I find out that my vehicle still had a CV boot that was leaking oil & needed the axil replaced. These are obviously major parts, that had I continued driving with them damaged, would have led to further issues in the future. Finally, 6 days later, on 9/9/13, my car was again returned to me, still pulling to the left & with even more parts left banging around in the back! After 1 short day of driving my car to work & back home it appears that Progressive has yet again dropped the ball. The service shop they have chosen to repair my car has, again, stated that the vehicle is fully repaired when it is not. At this point in time my car continues to pull to the left, now has a LOUD CLANG when making sharp left turns, at low speed, & is leaking fluid. After discussing the entire repair process with a service associate, who is not at all affiliated with Progressive, he has advised that I should immediately take my car to a qualified repair center, such as my dealership. I now appear to have a damaged tie rod, & only continue to do further damage to my car by driving it. I am awaiting a call/email back at this point in time, however I expect to have further problems & push back from Progressive, since I REFUSE to use their repair shops at this point in time.

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