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Higher Rates For Singles - Progressive Review

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Higher Rates For Singles

I am truly disappointed with Progressive. I first got the insurance when I was legally married, but separated from my now ex-husband. Everything was OK up until it came time to renew my policy. My renewal would have been on July 21, however, my divorce was finalized June 20th. Do you know that on June 21, these clowns increased my monthly rate from $160 to 215???!!! I immediately called them an their explanation was that they give discounts to married couples and charge more for singles. That's a bunch of crap to begin with!! Oh I forgot to mention, I never told them that I was divorced. When I asked the rep about how they got that info, he said that my ex must have contacted them and requested to be taken off the policy. That's a bunch of BS too!!! My ex and I don't communicate not to mention, he was an excluded driver on my policy, and further more, he didn't even know I had Progressive insurance!!! So this means they had to check my records themselves behind my back and seized the opportunity to capitalize on my misfortune.

3.0 Coverage
1.0 Cost
2.0 Service
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Progressive Ratings

  • 2.3 coverage
  • 2.2 cost
  • 1.7 service
  • 1.5 claims
  • 1.9 overall rating

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