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PacifiCare Health Systems

PacifiCare Health Systems have more than three million health insurance customers across the United States, as well as an additional 10 million specialty plan clients. They have an annual turnover in excess of $12 billion, making them one of the country’s largest health care providers. PacifiCare Health Systems offers a wide range of insurance produces to individuals, families, employers and Medicare recipients.

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Prescriptions Solutions, a subsidiary of PacifiCare Health Systems offer full prescription drug coverage as well as medical care. They also have top notch programs for behavioural health, dental, optical and life insurance. PacifiCare Health Systems works hard to ensure that their members live healthier more productive lives. This has been a main goal of PacifiCare Health Systems since they were first founded.

With a strong emphasis on servicing their clients with the highest quality health care services PacifiCare Health Plans offers the PacifiCare Signature Value HMO. The emphasis of the HMO is wellness and preventative care.

Health care in the PacifiCare Health Plans Signature Value HMO is provided by primary care physicians (PCPs) which means that it easier for clients to predict the financial obligations that they will face for their health care. Another big benefit of this plan in that there is very little paperwork that needs to be done to use the system.

Members of the PacifiCare Health Plans Signature Value HMO pay a low co-payment when they utilise network health care facilities. The co-payment is an amount that has been agreed during the contracting process, so it is never a surprise. Through the PacifiCare Health Plans Signature Value HMO customers have access to more than 47,000 doctors and 222 hospitals to choose from.

For even more options and a greater level of flexibility PacifiCare Health Plans offer their PacifiCare Signature POS plan. This plan is a traditional indemnity plan that is augmented by the services of an HMO.

With the PacifiCare Health Plans Signature POS plan you are given the option to choose an in-network doctor or to go out of network for your health care provider. This gives you the flexibility to choose exactly which doctor you want to see. There are more than 47,000 health care professionals in-network as well as a choice of 222 in-network hospitals.

PacifiCare Health Plans offer a wide array of primary care doctors and specialists to choose from as a part of their SignatureElite PPO (preferred Provider Option) program. This plan is open to employers with more than fifty one employees. The PacifiCare Health Plans Signature Elite plan operates a network with more than 68,000 participating health care professionals and more than 330 hospitals from with you can choose.

The PacifiCare Health Plans Signature Freedom plan is a Self Directed Health Plan (SDHP). This is a PPO plan which means that you have the right to use a large network of health care professionals and hospitals as you need them. The PacifiCare Health Plans Signature Freedom plan has a network of more than 68,000 health care professionals and over 330 hospitals.

Members of the PacifiCare Health Plans Signature Freedom plan have control over their own Self-Directed Account (SDA) which they can use to cover the costs of preventative health costs including: doctors office visits, mammograms, gynaecological exams and other wellness services.

Members of the PacifiCare Health Plans Signature Freedom plan have the option to use any network doctor for their care. There is a low co-payment or co-insurance charge when you use a health care profession within the network. One big plus of the PacifiCare Health Plans Signature Freedom plan is that your unused funds from the SDA roll over on an annual basis.