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Oxford Health Plans

Offering health care coverage in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, the Oxford Health Plans is a managed healthcare company with a strong reputation. Oxford Health Plans services close to 1.6 million clients with top quality health care products across their catchment area.

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The Oxford Health Plans offers a number of different health insurance options including: point of service plans, the Freedom Plan, a traditional HMO option, the Liberty Plan SM, Medicare coverage and third-party administration for employer based plans. The marketing for all of these plans is done centrally by the Oxford Health Plan sales force as well as by independent brokers and agents.

The greatest benefit of going with Oxford Health Plans rather than its competitors is that they use a complete consumer focused approach to health care. Oxford Health Plan has an extensive network of doctors and hospitals which means that they are able to offer a wide range of flexible health plans to fit your needs.

Oxford Health Plans has a strong reputation for excellent quality customer service and has indeed won awards to for its attention to client satisfaction. The Oxford Health Plans HMO has been awarded recognition as the best HMO on offer in the New York City area. Oxford Health Plans Point of Service plan has also been given recognition by CareData Reports who have ranked it the best in the New York area.

With the Oxford Health Plans you have the ability to pick the doctors that you want to use from a long list of Primary Care Physicians (PCP) who are part of the Oxford Health Plans network. The Oxford Health Plans offer a good choice of preventative health care program, as well as other high quality benefits. Each one of the Oxford Health Plans includes full coverage of an annual physical examination as well as a prescription drug plan.

The Oxford Health Plans Liberty PPO program is an insurance product with deductibles that run between $1,000 and $2,500 for individual members who use in-network care providers, and between $2,000 and $5,000 for families who opt to use in-network services. The co-pays for the Oxford Health Plans Liberty PPO plan run between 20 and 30%.

With a large network of high quality doctors and over 200 hospitals in its catchment area Oxford Health Plans is able to offer top notch health care. An added bonus is that Oxford Health Plans doesn’t charge for in-network, paediatric preventative care, laboratory services or immunizations.

Oxford Health Plans offers specially tailored and economical health insurance coverage for sole traders who have businesses based in New York City, Kings, Queens, the Bronx, Richmond, Nassau and Suffolk counties. The sole proprietor’s plans offered by Oxford Health Plans start from a very low $300 a month and provide coverage though on the most comprehensive networks of physicians and heath care facilities in New York states.

Oxford Health Plans also has specially designed programs for companies with one employee. These plans offer small companies all of the same benefits that a larger company plan would be able to give to their staff. Oxford Health Plans works hard to ensure that their plans are in a price range that everyone can handle. The enrolment process in Oxford Health Plans is fast and simple. There are a number of different plans that are designed with the sole trader in mind, ranging from basic to extensive coverage.

Oxford Health Plans includes a number of different important features in each of its plans. These include full coverage of preventative care and laboratory costs that are free of charge as long as they are done in-network. PCP and OB/GNY are also included as standard in Oxford Health Plans coverage.

Oxford Health Plan has the best network of doctors and health care professionals in the tri-state region. Members who are outside of the network area who need health care have access to the more than 450,000 doctors across the United States who are a part of the United Health Care Choice Plus Network.

The hospitals that make up the Oxford Health Plans network include some of the top facilities in the New York area. They include Yale/New Haven, North Shore/LIJ and New York Presbyterian hospitals.

There is no need for referrals to see specialists when using the Oxford Health Plans network doctors. Oxford Health Plans members have 24/7 access to the Oxford On-Call hot line which is a service that provides health care advice and referrals from Registered Nurses.