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Happy Long Time Insured - New York Life Review

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New York Life

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New York Life

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Happy Long Time Insured

I bought life insurance to protect my family and it served its purpose. Sadly last year my wife died and I had to process a claim. I tried for the longest time not to touch the proceeds, but it finally came a time I had to. I am pleased with the company although not very excited about my current agent. I bought more insurance with NYL for my son and daughter because I realize the roles will soon be reversed and I will have to depend upon them as I age and god forbid something were to happen to them I would like to know I have the funds to retire with grace. After 7 or 8 years of paying a couple of the whole life policies I didn\'t have to make payments because they used cash values to do so. Looking back the only thing I didn\'t wrong is not get more, however something is a lot better then nothing.

5.0 Coverage
4.0 Cost
3.0 Service
5.0 Claims

New York Life Ratings

  • 3.5 coverage
  • 3.3 cost
  • 3.2 service
  • 1.7 claims
  • 2.9 overall rating

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