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New York Life

New York Life Insurance is a Fortune 100 Company that is considered to be the largest mutual life insurance company of the United States. It offers a variety of services that includes life insurance, annuities and long term care insurance. There are also other plans of asset management and retirement plan. There are also a wide variety of products and services, such as the institutional and retail mutual funds. Most of these insurance products are marketed through out Asia and Latin America.

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More About New York Life
It is more than 160 years that New York Life Insurance Company has been providing consistent strength and different investment strategies in order to provide financial protection to the clients. This company became the first company to pay cash dividends to the different policyholders, and continued to enhance the product lines. Thereby creating new financial products for our clients and families. The life agents of the company are one of the best agents that are available in the nation, in order to accommodate the different financial needs of the clients. The mutual insurance company is a company that is not publicly traded. There is no stock that is required to be brought by the company, but it is observed that the policyholders share the ownership of the company. We can say that this company is a partner in terms of long term planning of the company. We have $160 billion as assets in the company and the company holds a stable and diversified portfolio that constantly receives some of the highest ratings. The company has made huge efforts to earn these earnings. The capital position of the company is said to be the strongest in the industry.

New York Life Insurance Ratings
The company has always received some of the highest ratings of the industry, from some of the best insurance rating agencies.

A.M. Best (A++)
Standard & Poor’s (AA+)
Moody’s (Aaa)
Fitch (AAA)

We have a conservative balance sheet that that lays the foundation of balance sheet management. The investment portfolio of our company is diversified as well as stable and most of the assets f the company are n the form of fixed income securities, and most of these securities have been provided with investment grade ratings. There is a feature of expense control that is reflected in the financial assets of the company, in the form of low expense ratio. It was a testimony to the sound financial position of the company. The participating policyholders of the company are allowed to make a share in the investments of the company, as they receive the dividends that are declared by the shareholders of the company. It was the mid 1800s that New York Life had paid more than $ 35 billion in terns of dividends to the policyholders. It was in the year 2004 that the company paid an amount of $ 1.4 billion to the participating policyholders. When the company declares an amount as dividend, the policyholders are provided with many options, like they can utilize the amount of dividend, for the existing policyholders, to purchase the new life insurance policy. In case you are making constant payments as premium for a number of years, then it is possible that you can make future payments from the current and accumulated dividends.

The company is highly committed towards its core values, and in the years there has been a lot of charitable contributions made, when the company helped the victims of yellow fever when there was an outbreak of the disease in New Orleans. It was in the year 1951 that the company established the first formal contribution budget. It was in the year 1998, there was an implementation of an initiative that was known as Nurturing the Children