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NetQuote Timeline

NetQuote’s predecessor company was founded in 1989 when the company’s co-founders, Keith Lawton an insurance agent and Harvey Lawton a software engineer, created the world’s first interactive voice-response service to shop for insurance, named Telerate, Inc. The catalyst for the formation of Telerate was the recognition of a need for shopping and marketing solutions within the insurance industry and the knowledge that technology could fill that void. In 1991, NetQuote’s co-founder, Chris Findlater, a marketing professional, recognized the same market opportunity and incorporated his live operator insurance marketing business, Auto Insurance Shopper Inc. Leveraging the strengths of each company, the two firms joined to form Auto Insurance Shopper, Inc. in 1993. Building upon a history of tremendous growth, the company launched its Internet platform and re-branded as NetQuote Inc, creating what is now the foremost insurance shopping and lead generation solution on the Web. In 2005, NetQuote was acquired by Spectrum Equity Investors and Stripes Group.1989 – Telerate Founded
1991 – Auto Insurance Shopper Founded
1993 – Telerate and Auto Insurance Shopper Merge
1995 – Company is Re-Branded NetQuote, Inc.
2002 – Developed a Cutting Edge Technology Platform
2003 – Focused Efforts to Serve Local Agents
2005 – NetQuote, Inc is purchased by Spectrum Equity Investors and Stripes Group

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