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It is since the year 1989, that NetQuote has been fulfilling the various needs of the consumers. Needs are mostly related to insurance shopping, and are in most cases provided in free simple and effective ways. NetQuote is a consumer service company, working with several hundreds of companies, which provide the best consumer quotes, on the basis of information that is supplied by you. Thus the company helps you to follow a policy that is best suited. The company is known to help you work with better rates and lower quotes.

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The procedure that is followed by the company is quite simple, and easy to understand. An application is required to be submitted, to a licensed agent of your area, who will contact you about your coverage options, and shall make all endeavors so that you receive the best quotes, so that a useful purchase is made. When you select the type of insurance that you need, you will be provided with a wizard, through which you will be required to answers several questions. Once you fill in the wizard, the information that is provided by you is matched with those companies that are most closely related to your information needs. Once that is determined, the selected companies, start their processing methods, and shall contact you with the help of e-mail, fax, phone and also a quote. There are a number of local agents also, who provide you with wide range of quotes, so that you meet all your requirements.

Netquote History
In the year 1989 Keith Lawton, who was an insurance agent, and Harvey Lawton who was a software engineer, created Telerate, Inc, which was the first interactive voice-response service of the world. This company is also referred to, as the predecessor company of NetQuote.Chris Findlater was the founder of NetQuote, who was marketing professional, and could see the same marketing opportunity, within the insurance industry. Auto Insurance Shopper Inc.was formed when two firms joined together, in the year 1993.In the later years the Internet platform of the company was launched, and was rebranded as NetQuote, and soon became the source of internet shopping and lead generation solution in the web. In the year 2005, NetQuote acquired Spectrum Equity Investors and Stripes Group.

Netquote Auto Insurance
NetQuote also guides you with your Auto Insurance. In case your present auto insurance is about to expire, and you are in need of a new policy, you may contact NetQuote, which is a free service, providing you with the best quotes, from the many thousands of insurance agents.

Netquote Home Insurance
For many of us, buying a home is one of the biggest investments that are made in the life of an individual. To protect their biggest investment, home insurance has become a must, as once you get your home insured, you are protecting yourself, in case of a fire, flood or any other kind of disaster. The best home insurance is that, through which you will be providing the lowest premium, for an appropriate home insurance coverage.

Netquote Health Insurance
Healthcare costs are on an astronomical rise, making it necessary to purchase health insurance. Just any medical event, in the form of a hospital stay, could cause huge setback, in the form of medical bills, for those who are not backed by a medical insurance. However, in order to get the policy for yourself, you are required to look for the lowest premium for the appropriate coverage. The best deal shall be that health insurance that shall not only be inexpensive, but shall provide you with adequate protection for you and your family.

Netquote Life Insurance
Life Insurance is a way in which you can make sure that our loved ones are protected, and taken care of when you are not around. However, you are required to choose that life insurance policy that is best suited for our requirements. Therfore, before making any kind of purchase, you are required to do a certain amount of homework, so that you do not make a wrong decision when you sign on that dotted line. In this way, you can be sure that you have made the right purchase.

Netquote Business Insurance
Business Insurance is quite essential, as a single disaster can wipe out your several days of hard work. Business insurance helps to protect yourself, from the contingencies that may arise, so that you are sure that whatever you have invested in the business is not lost when a disaster strikes. We at are always ready to get you the best deals for your business insurance.

Netquote FAQ

What is NetQuote?
NetQuote was established in the year 1989, with the sole objective of fulfilling the insurance needs of the people, as well as for providing some of the best quotes, from the top insurance carriers of the nation.

How does NetQuote work?
NetQuote works in a simple and easy manner. It not only saves your time, by helping you complete quick online activities, but also helps you to receive several online quotes, from the best insurance agents of your area.

When can I expect to hear back from agents?
Once you contact your agents, you can expect a response within the next twenty-four hours.

Is NetQuote an insurance company?
No, NetQuote is not an insurance company, but works with the top insurance carriers of the nation, so that people find the best insurance that suits their requirements.

Who do I contact with a claim?
In case you require to make changes in claims, or in coverage, or you need certain answers to your queries, you may contact your insurance provider.

What types of insurance quotes can I get from NetQuote?
NetQuote shall provide you with many kinds of insurance quotes that include quotes for automobiles, Health, Life, Homeowners and also quotes for business and Group Insurance.

Who do I contact if I have a question about my quote?
In case of any queries relating to your quote, you may visit, where most of your queries will be solved. In case there is a query relating to a specific quote that has been provided to you by your insurance agent you may contact him for clarifications.

What can I do to make the application process easier?
In case you are not satisfied with the application process, you may gather all necessary information, so as to get the best possible quote. In case you desire to make the application process easier, you can also have a copy of our current policy hand.

Where is NetQuote located?
NetQuote is located in Denver of Colorado, but the services of the company are spread over in 50 states and also in the District of Columbia.

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High Quotes!

Dec 08, 2012 by Anonymous

I put in all of my information and the quote that they gave me was $215 higher compared to what I'm already paying.

Insurance USA , USA 1.0 1.0 1 1 I put in all of my information and the quote that they gave me was $215 higher compared to what I'm already paying.