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Extortion - Nationwide Review

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I bought a business policy from my insurance agent with Nationwide. I already had life, auto, and home with Nationwide so everything was done over the phone with my agent. I received a policy in the mail, signed it, and returned it with payment. Each month after, I paid $69.14. Then I received my bill stating that my policy had gone up and the new payment due was $140.25 each month. It stated that they had an audit and this was the reason for the change. Also, the statement said they were charging me for the 12 months prior to the present date and that I owed Nationwide $535 for back charges. I called my agent seven times trying to get an explanation on this and never got a call back from him. I called Nationwide and could not get an answer from anyone over this. I cancelled all policies with Nationwide over this and now I have this lady from Nationwide calling me with threats if I do not pay this bill from them.

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  • 2.8 coverage
  • 2.7 cost
  • 2.0 service
  • 1.9 claims
  • 2.4 overall rating

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