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Run Around for Life Insurance Payout - MetLife Review

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Run Around for Life Insurance Payout

I have really had it with the "Snoopy" Company MetLife. My brother died on Thanksgiving last year and here it is Feb 17, 2014 and MetLife still seems unable to get the life insurance payment to his widow who was left with two year old twins and a 10 year! My sister in law called MetLife the day after her husband died and the MetLife rep kept her dangling for ONE MONTH before she ever informed her that she was not the beneficiary!! One Month!!! Finally, my sister in law found out the beneficiary was still our mother and my sister in law emailed the pdf file to fill in and submit. That was in mid January. I called 6 Feb to ask where the check was. Can you believe it they said they didn't know!!! Can you just hear the Peanut cartoon voices that represent adults talking "blah blah blah blah". Yeah, that is what my interactions with MetLife have been like. I called today and they don't know where the second check they sent is! I told them to open up their big money coffers and pay for overnighting the check. What idiots they have "working" for them. I am warning everyone to steer clear of this Snoopy dog company. Maybe it costs way to much to pay Charles Schultz's estate for the Peanuts rights? Well, I have two year olds that need shoes and food and MetLife better get their act together. I warned the "customer SERVICE rep" today I was going to do a public media blitz. He acted blase about the whole thing. Hey, MetLife, your company will go to the dogs with "service" like this.

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