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Personal Service - MetLife Review

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Personal Service

I went ahead and compared quotes before getting a life insurance policy. I used all the resources I had available to me to make certain that I was getting accurate quotes. I even used a lot of the specialized calculators that the insurance websites offer. What I like about MetLife insurance is that they do not opt to charge the consumer service tax. I also like the fact that when I signed up for MetLife I got a personal financial adviser that interacts with me about my policy. I can always talk to the same person about my policy and this eliminates any kind of future hassles. This way, when talking to my financial adviser they already know me as a person and treat me as such.

4.0 Coverage
4.0 Cost
5.0 Service
1.0 Claims

MetLife Ratings

  • 2.3 coverage
  • 2.4 cost
  • 1.8 service
  • 1.7 claims
  • 2.1 overall rating

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