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Mercury refused to pay a claim when it was discovered that the policy holder owned a dog that a company representative determined was a "pit bull". The dog was a mixed breed. In my three years of working with this dog, he had never displayed any signs of aggression. My client's 10 year old daughter was walking the dog when his strength overpowered her leash hold. The dog paid an unwelcome visit to a neighbor's dog, a scruff broke out, and the neighbor was bitten in the hand as he separated the dogs. The dogs were not injured, but the neighbor got nasty. He filed a lawsuit claiming he would be out of work for 6 months and wanted to be compensated. In the end, Mercury paid the claim and then threatened to cancel the policy unless my client provided them with Tanner's death certificate. I stood there numb with disbelief while my panicked client was distraught over the prospect of losing her homeowner's insurance, complaining she could not afford to buy insurance from eight other companies that had quoted her higher rates, since this claim put a "black mark" on her record. I refused her request to euthanize the dog and told her I would find a rescue group to foster him for adoption. She was open to the idea. Two days later she had the dog killed.

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