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Mercury Casualty, Lousy Business Practices - Mercury Review

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Mercury Casualty, Lousy Business Practices

My daughter was hit when, on her way to school, a driver insured by Mercury made a left turn across her lane of traffic. The driver ran to my daughters van and said \" I\'m so sorry the guy in the right turn lane flashed his lights that it was soak to turn\". My daughter was able to avoid broad siding her small Kia and hit the rear bumper with my right headlight area. Had she hit them broadside I have no doubt at last 2 of the 4 kids in the car could have been seriously injured. Her parents had all 4 girls in her car taken by ambulance to the hospital...damage control! One had a minor concussion the others unhurt. Now 2 weeks later Mercury tells me that thanks to Virginias contributory negligence law they have no liability because their client must have been nearly done with her left turn when they hit since the impact was to the rear bumper. The police report and ticket issued to the other girl clearly show she is responsible for the accident. Now here I sit with 3 jobs, no car and no way to pay for damages. Now I have to take the other family to small claims court. Mercury does this to people like me who only have liability b/c they know that my insurance isn\'t going to go after them .

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