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One Day Late = Dropped - Mercury Review

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One Day Late = Dropped

I moved from FL to CO two weeks ago to go to grad school and received hail damage to my car the first week that I moved. In the process of trying to get all of my info switched from FL to CO, I had not switched my insurance yet considering I am still a FL resident and cannot establish residency in CO for 90 days. I called to file a claim and my being in Colorado was not an issue at all... at first. I also had to basically track down the adjuster who never answered her phone. I was constantly listening to her voice mail and asking for supervisors who were conveniently always unavailable or out for the day. Finally, they dispatched a person to give me an estimate for the damage. A week after filing my claim I finally got to submit the estimate and made an appointment to get my car fixed. Bright and early the next morning, I get a message from the claims adjuster stating my policy had expired and my costs were to be covered out of pocket. My online payment to them had gone through ONE DAY late and they screwed me and terminated my claim and my policy. I have never been late on a bill in my life and they jacked me over one day, they were completely unwilling to give me any sort of grace period.

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