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Good Rates and Service - Mercury Review

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Good Rates and Service

When I got my Audi I decided to look around for lower insurance rates. I got a lot of quotes from several companies but was more than satisfied when I got an excellent quote from Mercury Insurance. The company offered me the most reasonable rate out of all the quotes I received. Mercury Insurance also gave me the best coverage for my buck. Now, when I drive around I can do so with confidence in knowing that I have a pretty good insurance carrier covering my back. I have been using Mercury for a while now and I haven't met up with a single rate increase or any unexplainable fees. There aren't unspoken additional costs involved and the company is straightforward with me about everything. I truly appreciate honesty when it comes to conducting business - Mercury Insurance delivers that to me. I'll be sticking with Mercury and if anyone out there is looking for a quality insurance carrier, I'll be recommending Mercury for sure.

5.0 Coverage
5.0 Cost
5.0 Service
5.0 Claims

Mercury Ratings

  • 2.2 coverage
  • 2.4 cost
  • 1.9 service
  • 1.8 claims
  • 2.1 overall rating

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