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I let my policy lapse - Mercury Review

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i let my policy lapse

I am at fault here. I understand this. I guess I just expected more from a company I've been with for 10 years. I awoke with the police at my door around 6:00 am. They stated that they found my car a few blocks away and they believe it was stolen and then crashed. This was the first I had heard about it. I walked outside and sure enough, my car was gone. There was about $4,000 of damage. I called the insurance company and informed them of what had happened. They filed the initial claim and said someone would call me back. While waiting for Mercury to call me, I called my actual local agent to let them know. They then informed my that my insurance had expired. I have always paid my insurance through my agent through email. When the bill is due, I get an email, and then I pay the bill. This time, I didn't receive an email. I did get the letters in the mail, but as I normally do, I wait for the email. I immediately paid the bill Monday morning. The call from the Mercury claim department came and I gave them the information, did the phone interview and they dispatched the adjuster. I was told I would be called in day and was not. I ended up calling the claims agent and talking to her. They stated that my insurance lapsed and they were going to review to see if they would cover it. I was told I would hear back within a day, at this time I had to do a second interview. The next day came and went with nothing. The following day I called the claim agent and left a message. Finally at the end of the day I heard back and they said they were still reviewing, but tomorrow I would hear. I hear back and my claim was denied. For 10 days my car sat in the shop waiting to be fixed and now I found out that I had to pay myself.

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