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Medical Mutual

Medical Mutual, is a health insurance company that is based in Cleveland, Ohio. Medical Mutual has been a leader in the health care industry for over 70 years. With over 1.5 million members across Ohio, Medical Mutual is a strong force in health care. Medical Mutual has over 2,500 people working for them across the state and they are particularly proud of their excellent customer service that goes along with their high quality health care coverage.

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Because Medical Mutual is a mutual company it is wholly owned by it members and therefore always works with its policy holders in mind. Without the pressures of stockholders Medical Mutual is able to focus on its main concern, the health of its subscribers. Medical Mutual maintains a network of close to 32,000 doctors and other health care professionals as well as nearly 600 hospitals on its rolls.

With cutting edge health insurance plans and services, Medical Mutual maintains a strong financial position within the health care industry. They are a large and particularly well respected employer in the State of Ohio.

Medical Mutual offers a number of high quality health insurance plans. Their Standard plan is targeted to people who do not have group health coverage through their employers. It offers good quality coverage with an affordable price tag.

The Standard plan offers you $25 co-pay for doctor’s office visits and routine examinations. The deductibles on the Medical Mutual Standard plan range between $500 and $2,500 with an 80% co-insurance after the deducible has been reached. There is also a Standard plan that offers no co-pay with deductibles that run between $2,500 and $10,000 per year.

The Value plan is another quality offering by Medical Mutual. This program is less expensive than that Standard plan while still covering visits to the doctor, and coverage for emergencies and unexpected catastrophic medical expenses.

For those people who want to have more control over how they spend their health care funds Medical Mutual offers its members a Health Savings Account product. This program offers the same high quality, high deductible coverage as other Medical Mutual plans but comes with the chance to set up a tax free account which can be used to cover qualified medical expenses. Deductibles for the Medical Mutual HSA plan run between Р’Р€2,500 and $5,000 with 100% coinsurance for preventative care, doctor’s office visits and emergency room care after the deductible has been reached.

Medical Mutual also has a Super Well Disease for subscribers who have chronic diseases. This runs in a similar way to their Medical Mutual Maternity Management program. Both provide education and support that works alongside the care that is provided by your regular doctor. Medical Mutual Health Coaches work with plan members to help them learn how to live with their conditions as well as avoiding any potential unnecessary complications.

The Medical Mutual Super Well Disease and Maternity Management Programs are open to member with: asthma, chronic heart disease, chronic pain problems, congestive health failure, coronary artery disease, depression, and diabetes as well as serving members who are pregnant.