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No Exaggeration... Worst Company Ever! - Medco Review

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No Exaggeration... Worst Company Ever!

Congratulations to Medco for never having ever completed a single prescription fulfillment over the course of the four years we\'ve been at your mercy (aka customers). My wife has severely acute asthma and an incredibly serious acid reflux condition, both of which require a number of very important, life-saving prescriptions, which need to be taken every single day in order for her to avoid having stomach bleeding, ulcers, nausea, or having asthma attacks which even lead to needing an Epi-pen. Medco has, on literally every single occasion, either been late, refused to send us the prescriptions, overcharged us, or even sent us the wrong medication. I have seriously lost count of how many times they have put my wife\'s life in danger (it\'s a miracle she has survived their negligence this long!), and I am no longer going to put up with it. We are currently waiting on all of her meds which have been denied being released due to us \"not paying\" ... we currently have a -$10 balance on our account as per their own website and my account records and payment history - that\'s right, you didn\'t misread that, Medco currently owes us money and yet they have still managed to once again place my wife in a precarious position by not doing even the simplest of jobs correctly. I am calling for everyone everywhere who has ever had an issue like we have to completely boycott Medco and refuse to use them for anything until they get their act together. It is either this or we get a class-action lawsuit together against them for all of the stress, worry, financial strain, and anguish they have caused to all of us. It\'s time we stop letting them just push us around and do whatever they want because they don\'t care about their customers with so much money coming in all the time. They need to learn that their customers matter and that they do, in fact, need us in order to survive as a company. Let\'s make them take notice since the years of us complaining and giving them another chance have clearly taught those greedy, negligent, elitest pigs a single lesson!

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