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Another Mix-up - Medco Review

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another Mix-up

I came home to find a UPS Signature Required form on my door. All meds are to be sent to the office, not our home, because we gave up on getting them at home because of the signature requirement. I call, navigate the voice mail system, and am hung up on. Finally I end up speaking to a rep, who informs me that not only has the medication been sent to the wrong address, one of them has not been sent at all. He tells me that a call was made to cancel the Rx on the 28th. I say that we received no notice of the cancellation, and ask the name of the person who cancelled the Rx. Turns out the pharmacist cancelled the Rx because he didn't know if it was to be filled as capsules or tablets. Apparently it is not possible either to look at how it was filled last time, or to call the doctor for clarification. Another pharmacist agreed to look at the Rx again, but without making any commitment to fill it. Moreover, even if the decision is made to fill the Rx, it will be sent to the incorrect address.

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