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Medco is an innovative mail-order pharmaceutical company that has received high praise from industry insiders in recent years. This dynamic company has spent the past five years as the top provider of mail-order pharmaceuticals based on customer satisfaction surveys published by independent group Wilson Health Information. As one of the biggest prescription drug benefit companies in the United States, Medco is expanding beyond its mail-order roots.

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The core of Medco’s business remains in mail-order services provided with incredible efficiency. The company spent 2004 sending out a record 88 million prescriptions by mail to Americans with a 99.9997% efficiency rating. Medco by Mail remains the leader in mail-order pharmaceutical services due to the high costs associated with traditional pharmacies.

Medco has moved beyond its mail-order services to provide access to prescription drug discounts at This website expedites the purchasing process for millions of consumers through the use of secure online forms. The independent consumer rights group Customer Respect Group has rated Medco’s website as one of the top 10 best protected websites on the Web in the past two years. A combination of secure purchases and low prices has made a popular destination.

Customers that want immediate access to prescription drug discounts can utilize Medco’s Medicare discount drug card. This program has provided invaluable prescription drugs to nearly a million older consumers at nearly 60,000 local and national chain pharmacies in the United States. The reason why Medco is able to help out millions of customers each year is the high volume of pharmaceuticals purchased through the company. The increased negotiating power of Medco means better prices for every customer.

Customer service is an important aspect of Medco’s rise into a dominant force in the prescription drug industry. A pharmacist is available around the clock every day of the week to answer questions about the interaction of multiple prescriptions. Customer representatives are also available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to help deal with order and payment issues. The most important service provided by Medco to its customers is the automated health and safety review offered by phone. Every customer that fills out the company’s Health Assessment Questionnaire gains access to a review of their prescriptions by one of 2,200 certified physicians. These physicians will contact a customer’s pharmacy and doctor as a warning against potential conflicts with prescribed drugs.