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Liberty Mutual

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Liberty Mutual

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Very Poor Experience

If I could give lower than a 1 on the review, I would. Avoid this company at all costs. A young driver hit me and was insured by this company. It has been a nightmare to even communicate with them. They pulled what I see others saying here that they could not reach the insured. Lies! He called them from the scene. Then they said that could not get the police report. Lies! I scanned it over. Then they claimed I refused a taped statement. Lies! I gave it immediately. I've tried to contact them almost daily and only get voicemail. On day 16 somebody finally returned my phone calls. The collision shop also called them and their calls were ignored as well. Even though their driver was ticketed at the scene and clearly at fault, they are now stonewalling and trying to get me to take the blame. I have never worked with anyone who avoids phone calls like this. Their voicemail say they will return a call in 24 hours, but then they never do. I have been handed off to multiple people and no one calls back. Where are they hiding and who is supervising these people? In an email, one manager said she left me many voicemails. Lies! I keep records. I received ONE call. They are unprofessional and ridiculous. Do not give them your money. Go with a quality insurance company. I use Geico, and their customer service is exemplary. Even during this time, I get a daily call from Geico, even if it is just to check in. They should teach Peerless how to run a company.

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