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Liberty Mutual

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Liberty Mutual

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I've seen several reviews on here from people who were struck by driver's who had Liberty Mutual. You are either complaining because Liberty Mutual didn't think their insured was 100% at fault or you are complaining about the bodily injury settlement process. You need to understand that when you make a claim against someone else's insurance company, you are a CLAIMANT, NOT an insured! Liberty Mutual is going to do everything in their power to protect their insured's best interest, NOT YOURS. This is not "Bad Faith". This is not "Low Balling". I hit a deer in 2006 and the body shop they work with put my car ahead of others because they had a special agreement with Liberty Mutual to put all Liberty Mutual customers first. Liberty was by far the best experience from an actual INSURED'S point of view.

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  • 1.7 service
  • 1.5 claims
  • 1.9 overall rating

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