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Liberty Mutual

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Liberty Mutual

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False Statements, Denial Of Claim

I was rear-ended by one of their insured. The liability was 100% clear. They denied payment of my car claiming that their insured told them I may have had previous damage on my car. They never inspected my car, but had me submit pictures of my own car to them. They did inspect their insured\'s vehicle to make sure her damage matched the damage caused to my car. I submitted pictures of their insured\'s vehicle to them as well. The damage was very obvious. In their phone message to me when they denied the claim, they said their insured\'s vehicle did not have any damage in the front of her vehicle! In view of the pictures I have of both vehicles, clearly showing the damage to both cars, it flat-out is a lie that their insured had no damage or that I had previous damage to my car. Their conduct is unethical, outrageous and in bad faith.

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