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Liberty Mutual

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Liberty Mutual

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Low Ball Total Loss

I purchased a full coverage policy for my car. Not long after, the car caught fire on the highway. A firetruck came, put out the flames. The tow truck towed it to a nearby shop. The shop quoted the damages in excess of $7,000. Liberty Mutual sent out their first adjuster, and promptly called me back to tell me they would cover about $900. I had to call and email multiple times before anyone ever called me back. A supervisor finally did call me back and promised to have a second adjuster come out. After about 3 weeks, a second adjuster dropped by the shop, but all he said was that he had to get a specialist to look at it. They both argued with the techs at the auto shop about the cause of the fire and finally settled on a factory defect. Liberty Mutual said that the verbiage of the policy limited them to only fixing the damage from the fire, not the mechanical breakage. They paid out $2,800 and I promptly dropped them as my insurance.

4.0 Coverage
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