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Dangerous Property Damage Not Covered

I just don't know how long I have to wait to hear something with this dangerous situation I have existing on my property. No one seems to care at all and I had no part in this accident which occurred on my lawn by the client of Liberty Mutual Insurance Group. This winter might be my waterloo, and the tree might well come down in any storm with high winds or heavy rains (to say nothing of heavy snow). And it had the capability of going into the close street where there are many school buses and much regular traffic. I cannot see how any "responsible" insurance company or your office cannot be totally aware of this status, and how neither of you can see it is of the essence. But, obviously you both do, since this is over a year that I am fighting for my rights. Liberty Mutual's Claims Team Manager, has libeled me in her letter to me. She said I have committed insurance fraud by insinuating my "own insurance company has said that this tree is not damaged." I have never gone through my insurance company with this claim. Why would I? It was Liberty Mutual's driver who received a ticket (as told to me by police) for reckless driving for missing the curve in the road and driving into my property causing me much damage and trauma from that day forward. When is it right for anyone to say I have contacted my insurance company? And this is the second time I have been told this. Once, they came right out and said, "You also contacted your own insurance company, and that is considered fraud.' I agree, if I, in fact, did that. But, I most certainly did not. They claimed she said when interviewing her that she was not texting and didn't even have a cell phone. Well, we found her cell phone months later totally crushed among the trees. They also damaged around my electrical box. All of those trees had to come down also, but they took no responsibility for them at all, in fact, never addressing them. I have pictures to show. It is where the medical personnel brought all their equipment to save the driver, who they thought initially was deceased. However, she survived after being air-lifted to a hospital. The crew at Liberty Mutual said she did not impact my oak tree. She impacted both a maple and an oak, and I have the pictures here to prove it. The oak, in fact, was the tree they did all their work near. Her driver's door was wedged up against it, and they tried desperately to reach her through that door but couldn't, since she was so impacted against that oak. The front of one bumper in the front of her car hit the maple tree and that was treated with tree repair as soon as possible. They sent out the "expert" tree man who said the oak tree was not damaged at all and sent a picture of 'it" to prove his allegation. The only problem was he circled the maple tree and the oak tree. Right next to it was "totally dead." And this "expert" could not see this or the "tree for the forest"?

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