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Liberty Mutual

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Liberty Mutual

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Slow and Disorganized on Auto Claims

I made a claim during Hurricane Sandy for damage to my car. I was sent to a "Superior Service Center" (a local car dealer). Since I chose not to have my car repaired there, I had to wait another 10 days for an appraisal, which turned out to cover only half of the damage. Both I and the body shop (where the car has sat for nearly two weeks, since the appraisal) have wasted enormous time trying to get someone at Liberty to (i) own the problem and (ii) do something about it. We suffer long waits to talk to a living person and since it is never the same person twice, I've told my story over and over again. The kicker... while the supplement still isn't approved and my car remains hostage to Liberty Mutual, I received today A TRADE-IN ESTIMATE from its Superior Service Center, which is using the information it gathered on my vehicle through the claim process to drum up new car sales.

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