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Liberty Mutual

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Liberty Mutual

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No Money For Claim

I never claimed anything on my policy except this year when there was a bad wind storm. This storm damaged my roof and the interior finishings were stained and damaged. The adjuster was clearly trying to have me not claim anything due to his feeling that it would only be a couple hundred dollars paid if I claimed anything. After a contractor estimate, it was clear it would be much more than a couple hundred dollars. I placed a claim in and received NO money for the damage. I took this insurance company to small claims court and was met with a lawyer and the adjuster. The intimidation was brutal and I was defeated in court. After court, this insurance company cancelled my policy!! It is clear that with many internet pages of complaint, this insurance company only takes money, they do not pay. I perform HUNDREDS of building inspections per year and this insurance company will be highlighted as "do not buy" to all of my clients.

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