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Liberty Mutual

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Liberty Mutual

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Incompetent Fools

I'm cancelling both my policies of auto and home as they cannot get one thing correct! All I've done is spend time on the phone with them to correct their mistakes, and can find NO ONE who will take responsibility. The last thing was when an insurance inspector showed up at my door (with no appointment made), pounded on my door (after walking around my house). He did not identify himself, nor the company for which he worked, but I did get out of him that he was working for LM and was here to take pics of my dogs and inspect my house. I sent him away as I ran down the street after my dog who had run out the front door while he was standing there waiting for me to answer. When I called LM to see who this rude man was, no one had a record of anyone being sent to my house. Of course, they can't keep my policy number straight nor the start dates for my auto or home policy, either. Incompetent fools!

2.0 Coverage
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1.0 Service
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  • 2.1 coverage
  • 2.1 cost
  • 1.7 service
  • 1.5 claims
  • 1.9 overall rating

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