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Liberty Mutual

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Liberty Mutual

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Responsibility Is Not Their Policy

Our vehicle was totaled by a person who has a Liberty Mutual policy. It was clear liability on their part as they made an illegal left hand turn. It took 6 weeks for Liberty Mutual to accept 100% liability. They tried to make it a partial liability case; an unfortunate attempt to save money for their company. Then they proceeded to violate WAC rules on valuing a vehicle. Offering $1,200 less than was eventually agreed to. In addition, they will tell you they have to their supervisor and that is all they can do. When you call them out, they will back track to cover themselves. It is apparent that they hope they are speaking with someone who does not know or understand insurance or state rules and regulations - they will try to take advantage of that. My advice to anyone dealing with Liberty Mutual in a claims situation: 1. Identify your state's driving laws that their insured violated. 2. If a total loss, visit your state's Office of Insurance website to know your rights on how to determine a vehicle's value. 3. Do not be afraid to let them know you will go to the Office of Insurance if you feel they are acting in bad faith or lacking integrity in their negotiations. 4. If need be get legal advice or help. 5. Be prepared for it to take awhile.

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