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Liberty Mutual

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Terrible Claims Service

After an accident with a customer insured by Liberty Mutual, the claims department took over a week to "determine liability" and authorize a rental car, even though the other driver admitted full fault and it was written as such in the police report. Up until they accepted liability, I would have to pay out of pocket. They originally told me an adjuster would come to my house and do an estimate/evaluation since I did not feel comfortable driving the car, but after waiting several days and calling, I was told I had to bring it in to get an estimate. I was required to take the vehicle to their preferred shop, which is over 20 minutes away, when I have several body shops located in my home town. The shop found some damage to the steering system and said it is "un-driveable." Without the liability approval, I was stuck at the shop without the ability to get a rental covered and told that if I drive the car, they would not be responsible for any further damage. Since they required me to bring it in and would not cover the rental car, I find this totally unacceptable. I would never use Liberty Mutual and would not recommend it to anyone! It's just too much hassle if you have a claim.

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