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Liberty Mutual

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False Hope!

I was hit by a Liberty Mutual driver three weeks ago. They are giving me the run around. I initially received a call two days after the accident asking how I was doing. The adjuster gathered all of my information. She told me an appraiser would be out within the week to look at my vehicle. I was initially impressed. Now, three weeks later, my car is a total loss, I'm still without a rental, and they refuse to answer any phone calls. When I call, they play the game of switching adjusters and then when I try to contact the new adjuster she's out of the office for two weeks. This is so frustrating. I didn't asked to be hit. I'm not out looking to get rich. I simply want a vehicle to get back and forth to work. I would never in a million years insure with Liberty Mutual nor would I recommend them anyone! What's hilarious is that after the accident I did research on this company and thought that many of these post were false because I hadn't experienced any bad treatment. Oh, how quickly I've come to see that every post on here is correct.

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