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Liberty Mutual

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Liberty Mutual

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won't Be Held Accountable

This is the worst insurance that I've ever had for both for medical and auto. Their customer was at fault in a recent car accident. They are stating that the their client was not at fault because she stated she was heading west on McCoy Ave. We were facing east on that street. She hit a school bus heading South which then rammed into the vehicle next to us that rammed into our car. Both the car next to me and I were at a stop waiting for the green light and ended up getting struck by the bus when the car hit the bus. That car did not have a green light because it was red still. This company has been tip toeing around this whole case and stating that it might take up to 60 days before they have their results. In the meantime, my livelihood is affected since my car that is pretty much totaled. That is Liberty Mutual for you. I recommend to everyone to find a different insurance company. It's the same with medical. They cover nothing. My wife had to deal with Liberty Mutual stating that certain things were not covered. It took a few scans and doctors to constantly contact them to get it resolved... all the while she was in pain. They are the reason why so many people hate insurance. They are happy to take your money, but not happy to assist when you are in need.

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