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Liberty Mutual

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Low Balled and Foot Dragged

During Hurricane Irene, a tree fell on my house and ruined a section of my roof. It is now 5 months later, and I am still trying to get them to do the right thing. The high winds and rain also lifted and damaged the shingles on another larger section of the roof causing interior water damage in 2 rooms. First they would only pay for the roof area where the tree landed and for the removal of the tree. They were satisfied to give me a mismatching roof with old and new mismatching shingles in the front of the house. And I didn't know enough at that time to demand they deal with the interior water damage. A lawyer helped me see my rights there. I subsequently hired a Public Insurance Adjuster to re-submit my claim for 8 times the original settlement amount. Liberty Mutual required us to go through a parade of different adjuster - each one taking their good ole time to inspect the damage and return a response. Finally they came up short about $7,000. They did pay to re-shingle my whole roof and they granted money for interior work, but when it became clear that their settlement was still low-balled compared to what the repairs actually cost, my public adjuster put info a "supplemental". They appeared to agree to it, but they continued to drag their feet about paying it. Then they sent a check for about half of the supplemental amount. Here's the rub: They awarded me $9,400 to complete the roof. My lowest estimate was $9,800 plus the cost to remove and replace my solar panels for a total of $10,500. So I had to pay the difference out of pocket. They had withheld approximately $2,500 of the $9,400 in "recoverable" depreciation for the roofing job alone. Recoverable depreciation is supposed to be recoverable when you prove that the work was completed. Now they are claiming that they won't return any of the "recoverable depreciation" for the roof until I prove that I did absolutely every single other part of the settlement work and spent every cent of the reward. So my recoverable depreciation is being held hostage while I have had to extend money from my own shallow pockets to even get all this work done and will now be left holding the bag. This is unconscionable.

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