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Liberty Mutual

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Liberty Mutual

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I am a current LM employee. This company is a JOKE!!! They have some great people who work here that really care. Unfortunately if you do and speak up and do the "responsible" thing, you're fired. The management is a absolute joke. They are young and inexperienced. Liberty recently cleaned house of the experienced people or forced them to leave. This was a cost cutting measure aimed at increasing the work force, but decreasing the overall claim costs. The result is what the others say on this forum: false information and horrible customer service. Last year they made a whopping 153% of their financial goal. They are forcing good people to bad things. The office moral is horrible and people who have no other option than to stay are forced to do unfair claims practices to keep their jobs. This makes the office manager look good to home office. If you ever have a problem with Liberty Mutual, call the dept of insurance in your home state and file a complaint. Other than taking your cash and telling you to ****, its the only thing that gets their attention.

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