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Liberty Mutual

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Liberty Mutual

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Cancelled But Still Paying

Liberty Mutual is a crooked business that only sees $$$. I left them after they notified me they had found additional reasons to raise my rate. I found out these supposed additional reasons were already on my policy and they decided to count it again. I switched and cancelled my policy. I never received any new paperwork so I knew I had done so. I came to found out this December they tried to charged me again and it caused numerous overdraft and NSF charges. They told me they would cancel and hadn't any documentation of me notifying them I had cancelled with them and thus kept charging me. I was told they could refund me the charges within 7 to 10 business days, the standard and I told them they need to by pass this as it is unacceptable as they had left my account in a huge deficient and my next pay check would be eaten up by this. They also said they could not accept anything, but an official monthly statement to pay for NSF or overdrafts they caused which means I cannot provide the statement with the letterhead until a few days after December. A transaction statement, which is available at any time from my bank, is not acceptable and neither is even taking an exact screenshot of my online banking account! It's going to be a very Merry Christmas for me!! I have no money and my next direct deposit from work will just eat up the red they caused! Thanks Liberty Mutual your greed knows no bounds!

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