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Liberty Mutual

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Liberty Mutual

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Fine Unless You Have A Claim

Liberty Mutual has been very difficult to deal with after a terrible hail storm. We have holes in our siding, a damaged roof, dented gutters, etc... We have major damage and even after 3 months of trying to get this claim worked out, we still have yet to begin the repairs we need. We researched and received 3 different estimates for the repairs, provided licenses, photographs, etc. and still Liberty Mutual will not pay for the full repair of our home. It is shameful how we have been treated. One claim representative was so rude to my husband, that he told him that he was just "in the way" and that he should just let them speak directly to our contractor. Even after a call to our agent, who has not been helpful at all in this process, nothing has been done to correct our situation. At this point, we will have to choose what repairs not to make. We will be moving our home owners insurance as soon as we can. Liberty Mutual was recommended to us by our lender. You may like the rate LM gives you, but you'd better pray you never have a claim.

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