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Liberty Mutual

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Liberty Mutual

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Good Customer Service

Liberty Mutual has always treated me good. I have a total of two vehicles and I have had one of my cars broken into about three years ago. The back door window was busted out and several things were taken from the inside of my car. I should have known better than to leave things inside the car in eye's view of just about everyone. After getting over the initial shock of being violated in such a way, I knew I was going to have to report the incident to the insurance company. Of course, I filed a claim immediately. The customer service staff was pleasant and didn't show me any disrespect. The claim was processed quickly and my car was repaired lightening fast. I can't really complain about the company at all. My girlfriend's parents and my parents have Liberty Mutual too and I have heard no complaints about the company.

5.0 Coverage
4.0 Cost
5.0 Service
4.0 Claims

Liberty Mutual Ratings

  • 2.1 coverage
  • 2.1 cost
  • 1.7 service
  • 1.5 claims
  • 1.9 overall rating

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