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Liberty Mutual

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Liberty Mutual

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$200 for a Totaled Car

The wife and I were on a two lane, 55MPH highway when this car blew a stop sign. I broadsided that car which then hit another car stopped at the stop sign on the opposite side. When the car stopped four teenagers got out of the front seat. The girl driving the car had a cut, but no one else was hurt. The State patrol came. I was a little ticked to see the officer stack half full bottles of booze on the roof of their car. She given a ticket for not stopping for the sign. My car was bent and totaled. They were insured with Liberty Mutual. I called to speak with them about my car. The first question he asked was is anybody hurt. I said no. About 10 days later Liberty Mutual called back with the amount for my car - $200. $200 would not buy the tires much less the car. They said take it or leave it, seeing I was 20% at fault. They would not return my calls from then on.

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