Liberty Mutual Management

Edmund F. Kelly
Chairman, President, and Chief Executive Officer, Liberty MutualJ. Paul Condrin, III
Executive Vice President, Personal Markets

A. Alexander Fontanes
Executive Vice President and Chief Investment Officer, Liberty Mutual

Gary R. Gregg
Executive Vice President, Agency Markets

David H. Long
Executive Vice President, Commercial Markets, Liberty Mutual Insurance

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Thomas C. Ramey
Executive Vice President, Liberty International

Dennis J. Langwell
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Christopher C. Mansfield
Senior Vice President and General Counsel

Stuart M. McGuigan
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer

Robert T. Muleski
Senior Vice President, Corporate Actuary

Helen E.R. Sayles
Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Administration

Stephen G. Sullivan
Senior Vice President, Communications Services, Liberty Mutual Insurance

John D. Doyle
Vice President and Comptroller

Dexter R. Legg
Vice President and Secretary

Laurance H.S. Yahia
Vice President and Treasurer, Liberty Mutual Insurance Company

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Liberty Mutual

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