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Liberty Mutual Group is an Insurance company that was founded in Boston in 1912. The chief feature of this company is that it was able to stay away from the world of television and radio advertisements, and was able to maintain its marketing abilities. It has always been our aim to make the world a more safe and secure place to live in. Many of our innovative products have helped to reduce the injury, illness and disabilities that occur in the workplaces. Those people who are the member of this group are provided with a facility of discount, due to their status, as good education is considered to be one of the greatest signs of good insurance risk. Liberty mutual takes the next step, and relies on advertising within the accounts, in order to promote growth. Today, the company boasts of 39000 employees, with more than 900 offices around the world. There is also a hiring a large number of accounts executives, who are responsible of maintaining a good relation with most of the employees of the company. In the early part of 2006, it was number 39 on Equal opportunity magazines Top 50 Employers list.

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More about Liberty Mutual Group
This is a Boston based group that has become the sixth largest property and casualty insurer, and has the business of private passenger automobile, that is based on 2004.It was in the year December 31,2005, LMG had $ 78.8 billion in consolidated revenue. The company has 102-nd rank on the Fortune 500 list of largest corporations of the United States. The group has been offering wide range of products that include personal automobile, assumed reinsurance, group disability and among other things fire and safety insurance. It was in the year 2001 and 2002, that the group was reorganized as a mutual holding company structure. There are three principal mutual companies of the group, that are known as Liberty Mutual Insurance Company, Liberty Mutual Fire Insurance Company, and Employers Insurance Company of Wausau, and each of these companies are separate from one another. There are four strategic business units of the group, but none of the single units, contribute more than 30% of the net premium. Liberty Mutual has always been “helping people live safer, more secure lives.”

Personal Market
Our largest business segment provides the full line of coverage for many private passengers automobiles, homeowners and valuable possessions, through its own sales force in more than 400 offices throughout the United States, with two response centers, appointed by Prudential agents and the internet. The biggest source of new business is more than 9000 affinity group relationships that include employers, credit unions and other alumni associations.

Commercial Markets
Liberty Mutual’s Commercial market has been able to provide sophisticated risk, along with disability management and also risk transfer services. There is a national market that serves complex needs of many large companies and also Business Market, that serves the needs of middle market businesses, which provides full lines of insurance and also creative risk transfer products. We provide short and long term disability products and services for many large business houses. There are markets that offer a comprehensive array of captive services that includes rent-a-captive service that includes fronting, claims management, loss prevention and also underwriting.

Agency Markets
The markets of Liberty Mutual Agency, consists of property and casualty insurance, that includes carriers distributing their products and services through many independent agents and brokers The following companies shall provide you with a comprehensive list of personal and commercial coverage’s.

America First Insurance (Gulf Region);
Colorado Casualty (Mountain Region);
Golden Eagle Insurance (Pacific Region);
Hawkeye-Security Insurance (North Central Region);
Indiana Insurance (Midwest Region), which also includes Go America Auto Insurance;
Liberty Northwest (Pacific Northwest Region);
Montgomery Insurance (Southeast Region);
Peerless Insurance (Northeast Region)
Wausau Insurance Companies (National)

We provide you with many kinds of specialty operations that include Liberty Mutual Surety and also Summit Holding Southeast, Inc.

International Operations

We provide international services in 11 countries that include Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Hong Kong, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, and Venezuela. There are also international underwriters, which provide you with global specialty lines insurance and reinsurance through writes casualty, specialty causality and also marine energy engineering

We are required to behave with integrity, because there are many people who build their lives on our promises and trust us thoroughly, so that we keep our promises.

Dignity and Respect
We believe in treating all people with dignity and due respect. We can build long lasting relationships, only by treating our customers and each other with dignity and due respect.

Superior Products and Services
It has always been our aspiration to provide you with superior products and services at rates that are comfortable to the customers, and also allow us to make a reasonable amount of profit. It is through this shared commitment that helps us to create a culture of performance and growth.

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Liberty Mutual

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Shameful rates by L.M.

Feb 06, 2015 by Anonymous

Well, after many years of loyalty to Liberty Mutual, I've finally pull the trigger and switched. I faced another substantial rate increase after enduring several years with increases here and there.

I spoke with one of their representatives on the phone while changing out a vehicle on my policy and the person acted like I offended them by asking for a better rate. Through subsequent questioning to see if I qualified for a lower rate, I was told I did not and that I would in fact be paying $1,200 more per year ($100/month increase).

I contacted the top rated company (4 letter acronym) and got a rate that was less than 1/2 the Liberty Mutual rate with the same coverage.

Do yourself a favor and shop around and drop them like a bad habit.

Terrible customer service

Jan 21, 2015 by Anonymous

I took out a policy to insure my wedding and engagement band a few years ago and they were recently stolen. I put in my claim and my experience has been frustrating to say the least. They work with valuers who are rude (the valuer hung up on me twice during a conversation! - who does that??) and their claims team are almost impossible to get a hold of. You literally have to hunt them down. I would be wary of purchasing insurance from them, from my perspective and my experience THEY ARE DEFINITELY not on my side and neither do they actually care about me.

100% Rate Increase

Aug 22, 2014 by Anonymous

I received an auto renewal from Liberty Mutual for the 2014/2015 year.
My insurance increased 100%.

Rates Triple in 1 Year, No Claims Made

Jul 04, 2014 by Anonymous

My home premium went from $1,050 to $2,899 in 1 year on a home Libery Mutual has insured for nearly 30 years. I have not filed any claims for at least 10 years, have a fire hydrant on my propery with a comp roof. They also insure our cars. I have been a Liberty Mutual customer for 43 years. Not any longer.

Storm Damage Not Covered

May 06, 2014 by Anonymous

We had water damage from a storm which caused warped hardwood floors and drywall damage. Adjuster came out and said we would have to wait 60 days to see if the floors become un-warped. Called after that and they are giving me a hard time on the phone that the company will not pay.

Won\'t Cover Medical Bills

May 01, 2014 by Anonymous

My daughter was riding in the passenger seat with two friends. The driver was intoxicated, wrecked and critically and has forever disabled my daughter and they are claiming it is my daughters fault! They have denied any thing at all, she stills needs urgent medical attention that she cannot get! Had no choice but to file suit immediately, only way she can get the medical help needed to treat very serious and extensive injuries. It has been four months and I still haven\'t got the help my child needs due to this insurance company!

Increased Rates

Mar 02, 2014 by Anonymous

Liberty Mutual raised my insurance cost about 30% Never had an accident or claim. When calling to find out why, my insurance went up even more over the phone because of my moving to a different address. This company really sucks.

Very Poor Experience

Feb 27, 2014 by Anonymous

If I could give lower than a 1 on the review, I would. Avoid this company at all costs. A young driver hit me and was insured by this company. It has been a nightmare to even communicate with them. They pulled what I see others saying here that they could not reach the insured. Lies! He called them from the scene. Then they said that could not get the police report. Lies! I scanned it over. Then they claimed I refused a taped statement. Lies! I gave it immediately. I've tried to contact them almost daily and only get voicemail. On day 16 somebody finally returned my phone calls. The collision shop also called them and their calls were ignored as well. Even though their driver was ticketed at the scene and clearly at fault, they are now stonewalling and trying to get me to take the blame. I have never worked with anyone who avoids phone calls like this. Their voicemail say they will return a call in 24 hours, but then they never do. I have been handed off to multiple people and no one calls back. Where are they hiding and who is supervising these people? In an email, one manager said she left me many voicemails. Lies! I keep records. I received ONE call. They are unprofessional and ridiculous. Do not give them your money. Go with a quality insurance company. I use Geico, and their customer service is exemplary. Even during this time, I get a daily call from Geico, even if it is just to check in. They should teach Peerless how to run a company.

Very Bad Experience

Jan 23, 2014 by Anonymous

I recently had an auto claim with Liberty mutual. This is not my insurance - but the other party\'s. The accident happened day before Thanksgiving 2013. It is January 23rd - and I still do not have the claim settled. They are very unfriendly on the phone and never get back in a timely manner. You always reach their voicemail & as instructed if you press \'0\' it takes you back to the same voicemail. Extremely bad experience; never had such an experience with an auto claim.

Poor Service

Dec 22, 2013 by Anonymous

Asked my agent to have my payments come out in the middle of the month she didn't so my account bounced. Called and
Asked her again secretary said she would take care of it. Nope wasn't done. Then the neighbor tree came down broke
Our electric line called my agent. She couldn't help. That was at the beginning of November
Tree still in our yard. Now with the ice storm more branches are coming in our yard.
Made the mistake calling her on Sunday she asked if I ever called other agents on there phone. She wasn't happy sorry things happen not between business hours. But this is life if you don't want to be busy DON'T be in insurance!
And I told her yes in fact two agents came out at 12:30 in the morning.
No the service is not the same. I must say very disappointed with liberty mutual I'm going to call my last insurance agent!
Yep you failed.

Insurance USA , USA 3.5 127.0 139 139 Well, after many years of loyalty to Liberty Mutual, I've finally pull the trigger and switched. I faced another substantial rate increase after enduring several years with increas