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Kaiser Is Hazardous to Your Health - Kaiser Permanente Review

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Kaiser Permanente

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Kaiser Permanente

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Kaiser Is Hazardous to Your Health

This is pickpocket company and bill you however they can but do not justify; each time we challenged a charge, their only answer was \"is part of your deductible\"! Example 1: I took my wife to an emergency room for pain to a Kaiser facility in L.A.; my wife had kaiser insurance; it took them over half an hour to see her; then they connected IV, took an X-ray (for upfront extra charge) then gave her a shot for pain & released her with a prescription for pain; the charge was over $1200 in addition to the emergency fee of $175; one charge in particular was $240 or so for doctor visit; her co-pay was $40 for office visit; why $240+ we asked, kaiser was mum about that. Example 2: She was prescribed to see a physical therapist at Kaiser; knowing how deceitful Kaiser is, I called and asked the physical therapy dept of the charges for the visit, they responded \"is like regular office visit\"; we paid the $40 office visit and later received a bill for $174. All the PT guy did was to give her 2 exercises to do at home!! Example 3: The competencies of their doctors never stopped to amuse me; in the 2 years she was with Kaiser, these so called doctors could not diagnose the cause of her problem; one time a so called specialist prescribed a pill for her; I asked the doc if the medicine would adversely affect or interact with another med she was taking(?); the doc assured me that it would not; not having faith in Kaiser doctors, that night I researched the internet & sure enough on web-md or similar site, it emphatically indicated that new drug would be dangerous if taken with her old drug; Example 4: They charged her for preventive annual blood/etc tests; when we asked, the answer was \"some of the preventive test is not part of normal routine; e.g. liver test for the medicine she was taking!! I could go on and on, but I think you get my point; this company cares for your money not your health.

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