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Great For Me - Kaiser Permanente Review

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Kaiser Permanente

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Kaiser Permanente

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Great For Me

I have been to with Kaiser as long as I could be. I have tried other places and Kaiser works best for me. Yes they line you up and you have a number but it's a lot better than some other place where they look up your name and can't find you. I have never had an issue with the number. If you want personalized private care pay for it. Kaiser caters to a large number of people. The pharmacy is great. As much of a hassle as it is it's a one time thing online, over the phone or in person. I have my pills delivered every month. Just ask and they will send them to you no extra cost. Kaiser prescribes generic brands when possible to reduce the cost to you. These are not cheap less effective pills they are generic to the name brand and cost you little to nothing. If you want name brand ask and they will order it for you no problem. The doctors, if you don't like your doctor change them. Kaiser understands and will swap the doctor for any reason given. Yes most doctors will ignore your online research, that will happen everywhere because they are the doctor and they studied and passed all the exams on how to take care of various issues. Use online help as a guide ask about things but don't expect your doctor to use your research to cure you.

4.0 Coverage
2.0 Cost
3.0 Service
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Kaiser Permanente Ratings

  • 2.3 coverage
  • 2.4 cost
  • 1.7 service
  • 1.8 claims
  • 2.1 overall rating

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