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Kaiser Prescrption Services - Kaiser Permanente Review

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Kaiser Permanente

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Kaiser Permanente

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Kaiser Prescrption Services

For years my wife and I have enjoyed the Kaiser Health system which is a well run system. We have always thought of the prescription system as one of the best for ease of use and reordering. In the last six months this prescription system has somehow gone south. At first I thought that the computer system was being reworked and so it should not take long for it to working great again. However, we are seeing worse and worse conditions. Pharmacy lines are long, long waits, and all the people in the lines are complaining. In the last three prescriptions, I could not get through to reorder my prescription by phone and or on line. Thus, I have had to bother the doctor by email to please reorder my prescription. This seems to me as a waste of his time and also a big waste of my time.

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