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Excellent Experience - Kaiser Permanente Review

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Kaiser Permanente

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Kaiser Permanente

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Excellent Experience

I've had nothing but a positive experience with Kaiser, especially when compared to other HMOs'. One of the main things that I like about Kaiser is that I've NEVER had a problem getting an appointment, and have NEVER had an issue getting a referral to a specialist. This has also been the case with my kids and my spouse. Getting blood work done is easy. Getting scrips filled is easy. Getting an MRI and x-rays are all easy. My son had a lump on his neck, they saw him the same day that he told me about it (Saturday) and he saw a head and neck surgeon on Monday. Biopsy will be back by Wednesday. Try to do that with any other insurance. At the same time, each doctor had full access to his medical records, try that with any other insurance...

4.0 Coverage
4.0 Cost
5.0 Service
4.0 Claims

Kaiser Permanente Ratings

  • 2.3 coverage
  • 2.4 cost
  • 1.7 service
  • 1.8 claims
  • 2.1 overall rating

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