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Tim McTavish: President and CEO

Our fearless leader since the company’s inception in 1993, Tim’s goal is to provide a positive experience for everyone who comes into contact with Tim has advanced the company by leaps and bounds since the early 90s—most people are surprised to learn that Tim started InsureMe in a small condo, faxing insurance leads to agents and brokers. Now, over a decade later, InsureMe has done away with the fax machine, and operates in an office with a mountain view. And with the help of the servant-leadership team, Tim has infused his deep-seated ethics into every aspect of the InsureMe company.

Tim is also known for his fiscal prudence, which is why he’s affectionately known around the office as “The Frugal Scotsman.” This is great news for our customers, as The Frugal Scotsman is always looking for ways to help people save money on insurance. Ratings

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When he’s not taking InsureMe to new heights, Denver-born Tim enjoys spending time with his family, providing backup vocals and guitar during church praise services, and taking advantage of the great Colorado outdoors.

Robin Paquette: Chief Operations Officer

Robin joined InsureMe in 2003 as our chief operations officer and is an integral part of defining and maintaining InsureMe’s unique culture, as well as in guiding our company’s growth strategy. Robin’s an expert in this area-he’s been successfully helping companies increase their profitability for over 20 years.
When he’s not helping to grow our business, Robin spends his free time with his family, developing his intimate relationship with God, and conquering Colorado’s purple mountain majesty. During 2005, Robin and his son climbed 11 mountains above 14,000 feet. His experiences at high altitude have affirmed his belief in the work/life balance and the importance of loved ones.

Which is why Robin is infamous around the office for his motto: “Together we’re better.”

Michael Sajdak: Chief Financial Officer

Mike serves as InsureMe Chief Financial Officer and oversees our very dynamic online marketing department. Before coming to InsureMe, Mike worked as an international accounting manager for a company that made and sold explosives. One of Mike’s favorite memories from his time in Europe is driving from Koln to Amsterdam on the autobahn in record time.

A native Wisconsinite, Mike counts his family as one of his greatest successes, including his new son, Alec and his daughter, Hope. When he’s not entertaining the company with financial presentations and teaching Alec to say “Dada,” Mike spends his free time running, blogging, and volunteering for the greater Denver community.

And it seems that trip on the autobahn has stayed with Mike. He still loves driving fast cars and has been known to take the long way to work in his own personal speed racer, a 300 horsepower Subaru.

L. Scott Webb: Chief Technology Officer

With more than 30 years of IT experience under his belt, Scott has been involved in all aspects of the technology explosion. Among his greatest accomplishments, Scott helped the U.S. government develop a digital mapping system to help place U.S. missiles more strategically—helping to save more lives in times of conflict.

Scott, a Tennessee native, is committed to fostering relationships, expanding his grey matter and helping others to maximize their potential. His peers—past and present—often speak of Scott’s intuitiveness, selflessness and empathy. Combined with three degrees in computer science, management information systems and human resources, Scott is a marked leader and a true diamond in the rough.

Scott’s commitment to InsureMe also runs in the family. His daughter, Melissa, lends her expertise to our Customer Relations department.

John Calvin: National Director of Corporate Development

As the National Director of Corporate Development at InsureMe, John is responsible for establishing and maintaining strategic partnerships with our heavy-hitting corporate clients. Drawing from more than 25 years of experience in engineering, project management and sales, John has a deep commitment to delivering the best customer service in the industry.

A Burlington, Iowa native, John loves spending time with his family (he has an especially large soft spot for his grandchildren), riding his motorcycle, fishing, supporting his community, and doing the chicken dance in front of large audiences.

And speaking of the chicken dance, if you ever have the good fortune of speaking with John, you might want book him for your upcoming family event. We hear he does his best chicken dance at weddings.

Ana Kauffman: Manager, Project Management

As InsureMe head of our Project Management office, Ana is primarily focused on facilitating the collaborative development, prioritization, planning, execution and monitoring of our ongoing projects. Whew, is right.
When Ana isn’t holding things down for Project Management, she is busy restoring antiques, taking RV road trips, enjoying Italian food, and spending time with her family and friends. Ana’s accomplished a heck of a lot in her 12 years of project management, but she cites marrying her soul mate as her greatest achievement.

Most people would be surprised to know that Ana was born in Colombia, South American and is fluent in Spanish. Which is why she’s affectionately known around the office as “La General”, or, “The General.”

Lori Reed: Director of Marketing

As Director of Marketing at InsureMe, Lori is focused on creating informative and honest communications with the InsureMe community: consumers, agents and affiliates.

Before coming to InsureMe, Lori worked for IBM, as well as for software development companies based in Rome, Oslo and Galway, Ireland. But don’t let her lengthy career in marketing fool you; she was once a geologist—looking for gold in remote areas of Alaska. Nonetheless, it’s her two daughters that rank as her greatest accomplishment.

A Wisconsin native, Lori enjoys spending time at her lakeside cabin, collecting “old stuff” and cribbage. Lori’s weakness comes only in the form of chocolate and she’d like to meet Harry Potter…should he live through the next book.

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