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At InsureMe, we believe that consumers are our primary driving force for sustained growth. Since our inception we have strived to provide the best service to the consumers, and as the consumers experience quality service and support from us, they publicize the information to their associates and friends. We are confident that consumers will find our array of services very useful even to recommend to others looking for insurance. You can find details about us and our services in our website, and we hope it will provide you valuable information. We avoid all kinds of misleading online advertisings like pop up, spamming, etc. We put more emphasis in protecting information about our consumers, and you can learn about our security policy in the Privacy Statement and Terms & Conditions section of our website. has been a long cherished dream of Tim McTavish, a visionary insurance agent. Tim had created InsureMe in 1993 with a view to connect consumers seeking insurance policies with insurance professionals selling them in a more efficient and better way. A lead generation system has been devised by him to link insurance professionals with the consumers at the quickest possible time. The exponential growth of the use of internet has helped InsureMe’s business grow at a rapid rate, and made it one of the premier internet referral providers to the insurance industry.

At InsureMe we have a team of dedicated professionals to provide all around services to the customers, right from providing information about filling out an application correctly, to becoming our affiliate partner or an agent on our network. Our Customer Relationship Manager has been able to make a difference in customer services which is reflected in our customer survey reports. Financials
InsureMe, a company dedicated to link insurance professionals with consumers searching for insurance policies, has today announced its Annual Results for the fiscal year 2005 and its developmental plans for the year 2006.

The company revenues, a traditional growth indicator, have maintained the rising trend during 2005. The revenue earnings of InsureMe was over $15 million for the year, which represents an impressive a 30% increase over 2004. The company has a spectacular profit history. Since its formation in 1993, InsureMe has earned profits every year, and this continued in 2005 also.

The impressive growth in revenues of InsureMe was fuelled by the significant rise in the number of consumer quote requests. The company received more than 1 million completed lead applications during 2005, which was more than 200% from that of 2001. The applications were matched with 2.7 agents on an average during 2005, which was more than 25% from the figure during 2004.

InsureMe had also added to its staff strength during 2005 to manage the increased activities of the company. The company’s manpower increased from 40 employees to 53 by the end of the year, a growth of 33% over the previous year.

Tim McTavish, founder and CEO of InsureMe, while addressing the annual meeting, stated that "2005 was another excellent year for InsureMe. The results demonstrate that people are finding the right insurance with our service”. Regarding the future prospects of the company he stated "Indications from January are that 2006 will be equally as strong. We’re planning several key enhancements to our services as we strive to continually meet the needs of our consumers, agents and affiliates." FAQ

How does InsureMe’s service work?
InsureMe has established a nationwide network of professionals and companies offering insurance. As soon as you fill-up our online form, our system, based on the information you have provided, finds the suitable insurance and health discount providers in your area. Once our matching process is complete, a list of agents and insurance companies is displayed with whom we have matched you. We match you with the insurance professionals considering several factors like the type of insurance you want, your location, and, if applicable, your current insurance carrier.

Is an insurance company?
InsureMe is not an insurance company or insurance agent. We do not provide insurance or discount program quotes directly to the consumer. We are a free referral service for consumers and help them find suitable insurance policies at competitive prices. Please note that we cannot address issues that you have with your specific insurance carrier.

How can I get a quote?
It is very simple. Just click on the ‘Get a Quote’ link at the top of this page and fill out our quick and easy form available there. You may also call us at 800-INSURE-ME (800-467-8736).

I’ve submitted my information, where is my quote?
Once you complete our application process, we forward your details to the insurance agents or discount program representatives. After receiving the information we sent, they will contact you within 48 hours with quotes. You can get the names and contact information of the agents to whom we have sent your information from the list that we display at the end of the matching process. If you want names and contact information of these insurance agents again, please feel free to call us at 800-INSURE-ME (800-467-8736).

I’ve submitted my information. Why wasn’t I matched to any agents?
Based on the information you have provided, InsureMe matches you with the suitable insurance and health discount providers. However, sometimes, depending on the type of insurance you are looking for, InsureMe may not have any agents that can offer you the insurance. There can be various reasons for this, such as restriction of rate on certain products or a company-imposed moratorium on certain products. If this occurs InsureMe deletes all of your information from its system.

Is InsureMe affiliated with any insurance companies?
No. InsureMe is a free referral service for consumers searching for suitable insurance and discount program. We work independently with agents and representatives from several insurance companies and discount programs.

Do you have the phone number for a specific insurance company?
No. InsureMe cannot provide you any such number for a specific insurance company, as it does not maintain a list of customer service or claims numbers for any insurance companies or discount programs.

Auto Insurance from InsureMe
At InsureMe we attempt to help consumers find the best insurance policy, and in this direction we strive to help you find the most suitable auto insurance policy. Since our inception in 1993, we have helped millions of consumers in finding the best auto insurance policy in the easiest and quickest possible way, and what’s more, our services are available for free.

As soon as you enter your information and complete the application process, we will match you with the most competitive companies offering the most attractive auto insurance policies. You will receive up to five free quotes on auto insurance and select your policy after comparing the rates, thus enjoy some saving.

We have a well-defined privacy policy, and privacy of consumers is fully protected at InsureMe. Over the years we have been trusted by countless customers who provided their personal information to us. We have also honored the trust of our valuable customers and protected their information with highest level of security measures. We do not sell your e-mail address for the purpose of mass marketing, neither do we practice misleading forms of online communication. So you can be rest assured that your inbox will be free from junk mail or spam.

So what are you waiting for? Time is also a valuable resource, and with InsureMe you can save both your time and money. Just enter your information properly and receive up to five free quotes on auto insurance in your area. Finding auto insurance for your vehicle was never so easy!

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I went to hoping to quickly find a low quote. The number that they showed me seemed high, so I went to the companies' sites and found that my suspicion was right!

Insurance USA , USA 1.0 1.0 1 1 I went to hoping to quickly find a low quote. The number that they showed me seemed high, so I went to the companies' sites and found that my suspicion was right!